Feminism in the Morning

Written By: Kat Pretty frequently, I get riled up about the state of feminism and begin to yell. Sometimes it’s triggered by a news story– an ignorant political comment, a gendered legal battle, a violent rape. Sometimes, it’s triggered when a man makes me uncomfortable walking down the street, leering, commenting on my body. Sometimes, … Continue reading

Working, Mothering, and Loving it.

Written By: Christie Silver I’m a mom who happens to be working at a job I love that is only seven miles from my house. I know how lucky I am. Through a combination of events, I was able to stay home with my son for almost 20 months! My husband and I aren’t well … Continue reading

Ask A Nerd: Questions Answered Periodically by an Angry Male

Written By: Male Correspondent #1 Do you often get panicked about wrinkles on your face? Wait, are you saying I have wrinkles? I don’t have wrinkles! I’m still young and handsome! (This is where I go steal the wife’s fancy expensive facial creams and use a ridiculous amount on my face and then she gets … Continue reading

Any Gift is Better than a Pandora Bracelet

Written By: Sheeny Here are things I would rather get for a gift than a Pandora bracelet: Paper Towels: You can wipe up spills, use them as napkins, clean up dog drool, use them as dinner plates, wrap your muffin. Rub Crisco on baking pans.’ They come in one big square sheet or perforated squares … Continue reading

A Year of Monthly Periodicals

Written By: Kat Round up the My Little Ponies and smash some cake onto your friends, because it’s a celebration! Your Monthly Periodical just marked our one year anniversary! Dreamt up by two ladies bonding over mutual misanthropy in America’s rust belt, this publication was created in the dead of winter as a tongue-in-cheek outlet … Continue reading

In Defense of MKO

Written By: Kat One of the tabloid news’ current big obsessions is the relationship between (entertainer/ business mogul) Mary Kate Olsen and (half-brother to the former French President) Olivier Sarkozy. Apparently, two very adult people engaging in a happy-seeming, albeit publicly affectionate, relationship is a big fucking deal these days. I’m not going to get … Continue reading

Wrinkle Panic

Written By: Kat I noticed my first wrinkle when I was 19 years old. I was high on LSD and under the bright lights of a hotel bathroom, staring in a mirror and wondering what would happen if I filled the bathtub with glowsticks. Suddenly, there it was. Between my eyebrows. A line. A furrow. … Continue reading

What I Learned From Destiny’s Child

Written By: Barb If I learned any important lessons during this year’s Super Bowl match it is that Destiny’s Child is the reason why I have failed at personal money management. If you were a Destiny’s Child fan like myself, your bible was The Writing’s On The Wall. I bought this CD with my Christmas … Continue reading

Whipped Body Goods Come in Awesome Containers

By March I’m pretty much ready to start crying every time I leave my house it’s so cold and gray and sad all the time. Sometimes I feel better if I max out a credit card or maybe just lay in bed eating chicken and cookies. Sometimes my lips and skin in general are dry … Continue reading

An Ode to Men in Suits

Written By: Kat Dear men in well-fitting suits: I would hereby like to extend, from the bottom most glorious part of my bosoms, a sincere and heartfelt “Thank You.” Thank you for ironing your shirt, occasionally dry cleaning your jacket, and visiting your tailor. Thank you for considering, if only for a moment, whether your … Continue reading

Be My Valentine

Written By: Kat Over the past decade, hating on Valentines Day has become about as trendy and ironic as loving bacon. I loathe retail holidays as much as the next guy– the alarming red and pink all-up-in-your-face for a month beforehand– so I’ve definitely been on that V.Day hate train, myself. But several years ago, … Continue reading